Forest Far Away

by Meredith Moon

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Twilight Fauna
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Twilight Fauna A beautiful collection of heartfelt folk songs old and new Favorite track: To Let Go.
Fantastic album, a must for any fan of frailing and old time stuff. Favorite track: Hills of Mexico.
Sam Bleaden
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Sam Bleaden Marvellous as usual, thanks for all the great music Meredith! Favorite track: Faeries in the Cathedral.
Robert Mohr
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Robert Mohr I love all your music!! It's really fantastic and has been an inspiration. It gets played around the house and in the car all the time. It is my sincerest hope that this working out for you. Keep frailing!! I'm so happy I found you on YouTube and talk you up all the time. can't wait for your next album!!
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Thank-you to my incredible community of friends who play their lovely music. Special thanks to the Arcade, the Montreal folk/punk scene, Richard Inman, Willie Stratton, Lotus Wight and everyone else to whom I have noted your inspirational qualities.
Thank-you to Bob Doige & Amy King of Grant Ave. Studios in Hamilton, ON, for the recording, mixing & mastering of this album.
Most importantly, thank-you to my dog, Tico, for being by my side.


released May 11, 2018

Banjo/vocals/guitar/podorythmie - Meredith Moon
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bob Doige and Amy King at Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton, Ontario


all rights reserved



Meredith Moon Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Rueben's Train
Well, Rueben had a train and he put it on the tracks
Sent it off to lord knows where
Singing oh me, oh my
Sent it off to lord knows where

Well, he ran it to the east and he ran it to the west
Ran it everywhere the railroad goes
Singing oh me, oh my
Ran it everywhere the railroad goes

Well, oh to be in town when old Rueben's train when down
You could hear the whistle blow a-hundred miles
Singing oh me, oh my
Hear the whistle blow a hundred miles

Well I got me a blade and lay Rueben in the shade
I'm startin' me a graveyard of my own
Singing oh me, oh my
Startin' me a graveyard of my own
Track Name: Old House
I am an old house
Furnace is broken
From too much dust in the vents
From ugly words bein' spoken

I am an old house
With a hole for a door
Kicked down long ago by the ones
Who would squat on these dusty floors

I am an old room
Too empty to feel
The whimsy and weary
Yeah, they took all they could steal

Well, they stole my table
And my liquor cabinet, too
My grandmother's rug
My grandpa's harpoon

Mama said this would happen
When you let 'em all in
The ones who don't knock
Or tell you where the hell they've been

I am an old house
Atop the big hill
South of the border
And west of the mill

I ain't got no visitors
No love of my own
These blues keep me busy
But this house ain't no home
Track Name: Faeries in the Cathedral
The faeries in the old trees
Call me to come home
Over the mountains, across the straight
Into that ancient grove

Softly, I entered that night
Steppin' o'r roots and vines
Watching with their eyes, listening with their ears
Worlds intertwine

Softly, they whisper to me
This is where you belong
Your dreams as still and sacred as the night
For you hear out wooded song
Track Name: Rocky Mountain Blues
The realization that I ran away again
Comes creeping down my spine in the morning
I found home where there was no room to grow
By Fletcher Falls where the cold waters flow

And we'd drive those winding mountain roads
With Jack and Bobby on the radio
And I left him like everyone he's ever known

And when I go I'm not coming back
Magic ends in the presence of logical fact
And no ritual's 'gonna get us back on track

The sky is grey and the leaves they fall on the ground
And I'm headed back east to my hometown
'Cause you ain't one to tell me when to slow down
When I'm going to slow I may as well turn around

And I know its 'gonna be so god damn hard
Just knowing that we're prairie miles apart
When I hear that transport truck engine start
But I know your light can lead you through the dark
And I'll play these strings to the rhythm of your heart
Track Name: Darlin' Cory
Well, wake up, wake up Darlin' Cory
What makes you sleep so sound?
Them revenue officers are comin'
Gon' tear your house down

Well, the first time I saw Darlin' Cory
She was standin' at the banks of the sea
Forty-four pistol around her waist
Banjo on her knee

Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow
Dig a hole in the cold, cold ground
Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow;
Gon' lay Cory down

Well, can't you hear them bluebirds singin'?
They're singin' that mournful sound
Preachin' Cory's funeral
In some lonesome graveyard town

Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow
Dig a hole in the cold, cold ground
Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow;
Gon' lay Cory down
Track Name: Forest Far Away
My darlin' I can't keep this up
You have your whole life ahead of you
And I am the disturbance that nobody needs
I guess I'm the black, and you're the blue

I know you can do better than this
I know there ain't a lot I can do
I sure as hell am toxic and I sure as hell am strong
But not strong enough to say goodbye to you

Why have I fallen into feeling
Like I've fallen for you again?
Yes, I think I've met you here before:
The reoccurring spirit of the long lost man

Well, I can't save you this time around
I'm hurting and I'm healing every day
So take your hands off of me, I can't see this through
It's not supposed to go this way

And I'm going to that mountain
And I'm going to that sea, yeah
I'm going to that forest far away
And ain't nobody, gonna catch me (x4)
Track Name: To Let Go
Stay where you are or come when you're still
You'll always have your home on the hill
Deep in the valley so ageless and free,
Leaves will wither to sweet melodies

And I know, and I know to let go
And I know, and I know, to let go

He tried to put his hands on me
Deep in the night in the hours of sleep
But I couldn't let him for he was unclean
And you're the purest thing that I've ever seen

And I know, and I know to let go
And I know, and I know to let go

The places we went took us years to find
With all of the wonder we kept in our minds
And I said I'd never leave you behind
Now I'm counting the breaks in those highway lines

And I know, and I know to let go
And I know, and I know to let go

The road that you took was a mountain to climb
I only wish you had seen it in time
Never again will you climb so high
'Cause you're deep in the earth with your face to the sky

And I know, and I know to let go (x4)
Track Name: Hills of Mexico
S'when I's in old Fort Worth in eighteen and eighty three
Some old Mexican cowboy come steppin' up to me
Sayin' how'r you young fella', how would you like to go
And to spend another season 'neath them hills of mexico?

Well, I had no employment, and back to him did say:
It's according to your wages, according to your pay
He said I'll pay to you good wages, and often too, you know,
If you'll spend another season 'neath them hills of mexico

Well I went up to that cowboy and I offered him my hand
And he gave a string of horses so old they couldn't stand
And I nearly starved to death boys, and I mean to let you know
That I never saved a dollar 'neath them hills of mexico

I sent up for my wages, on a steamboat I did go
How them bells they did ring, those whistles they did blow!
How them bells they did ring, those whistles they did blow,
On that god forsaken fortune 'neath them hills of mexico
Track Name: The Ballad of Colten Boushie
August ninth, two thousand and sixteen
When the sky was blue and the fields were green in rural Saskatchewan,
A young man left home
From the Red Pheasant Nation and took the day to roam
Colten Boushie and his friends took their truck down to the Maymont River
And when the wind blew through the aspen leaves, they seemed to shimmer

Was early evening when they were headed back
Crossing bridges and crossing tracks, they got a flat tire, pulled over on a farm
Belonging to a man, angry and armed
Gerald Stanly took his rifle down from the wall when he saw Colten in the shed
And at point blank range, shot a bullet into the back of his head

Colten's mother heard knocking that night
Seven cruisers, seven rows of lights,
Then they stormed into her home, said, "Ma'm, you've lost a son"
Rummaged through every room like they were looking for someone
Treated like a criminal, they showed no remourse
While Debbie Baptiste cried for her son on the living room floor

February ninth, twenty-eighteen
Stanly sat in front of an all-white jury, said the gun just went off
But experts say it worked perfectly
All charges dropped; acquitted, not guilty
And he walked outta' that courthouse and went home to his family
How good they must feel to be white in white man's country

Colten Boushie was only twenty-two, had all that livin' left to do
Ceremonial fire keeper, a brother and a son
Murdered in cold blood by the man who shot the gun
And we must fight for the ones with their family's blood upon them
Address racist politics and the ones who cause them

Some members of the white community
Said 'Stanly did em' a favour, shootin' Boushie'
'Due to a rise, in young first nations crimes'
Talkin' like petty theft is worth a human life
The same colonial mind that murdered millions in the seventeenth century
Is hiding behind the inclusive reputation of our country
Its in the water, in the air, in your town and on your T.V.
And so we hang the flag upside down

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